General Description

Professional TIG welders for tough conditions

The Invertec® 170TX, 170TPX and 220TPX TIG and Stick welders combine a rugged industrial
construction with excellent arc characteristics. They are full function DC TIG inverters with
excellent arc control and perfect Arc Start in any welding conditions. All the machines have been
designed, not only as a TIG welder, but to also operate as a stick welder with a variety of popular
stick electrodes. Their portable rugged design makes them ideal for both in shop or field use.
The Invertec® 170TX is the base model with basic TIG and Stick functions. The Invertec® 170TPX has
additional features including Pulse TIG, 10 memory locations, TIG Spot welding for improved TIG
welding performances. The Invertec® 220TPX includes all the same features and advantages as the
Invertec 170TPX model with the addition of Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuitry that allows TIG
welding UP to 220A with 16A single phase input voltage. All the machines are designed to operate on
engine driven generators.

Technical Description

Technical Specifications

Primary Voltage: 230V / 1Ph

Current Range: 5 – 220A

Rated Output Voltage: 220A/18.8V 25%

Fuse Size: 16A Slow

Weight: 13Kg

Dimensions: 328 x 212 x 465 mm

Protection / Insulation Class: IP23 / H